Staircase Youth Services, Inc.

Dedicated to assisting at-risk, runaway, and/or homeless youth in West Michigan since 1979.

image depicting a teenage runaway

Staircase Youth Services takes referrals from youth, friends, family members, teachers, police, or any member of the community with a genuine concern for an at-risk youth.The professionals at Staircase can make communication with a youth who is 12-21 years of age.  Up until the 21st birthday, we can offer our services that include Outreach and Transition to Adulthood (TAP/TLP) Programs, depending on the individual’s age and current situation.  We also specialize in assisting homeless teens who need a place to turn and find resources.  Our current coverage area includes Mason, Manistee, Lake, Oceana, Wexford & Missaukee counties in the state of Michigan.

The cause for teen runaway can stem from many sources.  These may include sexual or physical abuse, substance abuse, divorce, unplanned pregnancy, family illness, and/or communication breakdowns. Early warning signs of a potential runaway situation may include school truancy, poor grades, and/or a noticeable withdrawal from friends, family and social activities.

With early intervention, the staff at Staircase Youth Services can help youth and their parents prevent the trauma that a crisis or runaway situation creates.  Personal problems can be prevented from becoming legal or possibly life-threatening. We can help to counsel youth, develop effective coping skills, and offer a safe place to discuss problems in confidence.  We are LGTBQ-friendly and will not discriminate those who come through our doors.

Please see our individual pages under the Services tab that describe what we offer within the community. On this website, we also have a Community Resources page that highlights some agencies around the community that can also be of assistance.  Currently, a majority of our community resources listed here outline the areas of Mason & Lake county.  However, there will be future updates that will expand the information to include resources to all of our coverage areas. We have moved to a NEW location. We are located at the Lakeshore Resource Center, 920 East Tinkham Avenue, Ludington MI.