Short-Term Emergency Foster Care Opportunities

by Office Manager on January 6, 2014

Staircase Youth Services is searching for families in Mason, Manistee, Lake, Wexford & Missaukee counties that would be willing to provide short-term (21 Days) emergency foster care to youth from the ages of 12-17.

Staircase Youth Services is a non-profit agency that services at risk, runaway, and homeless youth.  We have been providing services to youth for over thirty years. Each year we have approximately 5 to 6 youth that are in need of short term placement due to various reasons.  The reasons can include: a runaway situation, homeless situation, or family conflict. We are looking for families that would be willing to provide a safe and stable environment for these youth as we work to reunify them with their families or find a more suitable long-term situation.

Our foster care program is different from traditional foster care.  The program is voluntary and both the youth and parent must agree to the placement.  Our program is short-term.  A youth will only be in the foster care home for a maximum of 21 days.  We are not expecting a long-term placement with each youth and would expect that the foster family would have 2 to 3 youth per year. The foster care home will be paid a daily rate for each day of placement and is typically paid at the conclusion of the stay.

Youth that are placed will be provided with daily case management by the Staircase Youth Services staff.  The staff will also be available 24 hours a day to support your efforts.  Again, the goal is to reunify the youth with his/her family whenever possible.

This is an excellent opportunity to make a major impact in the life of a young person.   Fostering a young person is be both challenging and rewarding, so this program does require some effort and dedication on the members within the home.

The benefits of community foster families:

1) allows the youth to stay in school

2) helps them to feel supported by their community, and

3) gives them the opportunity to resolve conflicts with their family.

Please contact Staircase Youth Services at (231) 843-3200 for more information or to begin the registration process for this great, localized program.

Together we can make a difference in a young person’s life.