Outreach Program

Our Outreach program is designed to assist youth ages 12-20 to make healthy lifestyle choices, as well as to intervene on a potential runaway crisis. The goal is to provide a safe and confidential avenue for a youth to discuss and work through ongoing problems that may be causing their overall welfare to be in jeopardy. These problems may include, but are certainly not limited to, abusive or neglectful situations, threats, or substance abuse. These problems may be occurring within the home or family unit, at school, or with the individual directly.

Staircase Youth Services offers crisis intervention and help to locate additional services to help meet the immediate needs of the youth. As a client in our Outreach program, our case managers must provide or link youth to necessary services such as:

— Prevention services – Any variety of support services designed to improve the health and well-being of the youth and to enhance his/her chances of achieving and/or maintaining self-sufficiency and a healthy lifestyle. These services can include: building problem-solving skills, registration for public assistance (food stamps, medicaid, cash assistance), mental health services, continuation/enrollment in school, and counseling.

— Needed goods – The provider will assure that the youth has access to needed goods, including, but not limited to, clothing, shoes, food and personal hygiene products.

— Crisis intervention services – Staircase will assure that a youth in crisis have access to appropriate crisis intervention or counseling services, if necessary, either from Staircase personnel or other agencies within the community.

— Emergency foster care – Is available for up to 21 days for a youth who is in crisis and at-risk or running away from home. This is an arrangement that is mutually agreed upon between the youth, the primary caregiver(s), and Staircase personnel. Daily contact is made with the youth. The youth is directly involved in developing a working plan of goals and objectives with an aim to reunify the youth with their family, and/or a positive discharge of the youth from the program.

The length of the Outreach program is three months. And Staircase will, as well as in all our other programs, follow-up with the youth after the conclusion of the program to see if we may be of any further assistance.