Runaway Youth Services

Early intervention and promoting positive youth development are the keys in providing services to at risk and runaway youth.  The goals of our programs are:

  1. Prevent youth from running away and placing themselves in an unsafe environment,
  2. Strengthen youth and families, and
  3. Divert youth from becoming children “in the system.”

Youth Outreach Specialists provide the following services at schools, homes, our office, or anywhere the youth is located:

  • Outreach
  • 24-hour crisis intervention
  • Assessments and referrals
  • 3 months of free, solution-focused sessions
  • Case management
  • Short-term, voluntary foster care placement
  • Summer Enrichment Programming (SEP)

Homeless Youth Services

This age group of “at risk” young people are especially vulnerable. For example, at seventeen, children are still legal minors, but can leave home without permission.  Often with children living in unhealthy homes, they do choose to leave.  In addition, they’re often emotionally and educationally ill-equipped to contend with the responsibilities of their new-found independence:   employment, housing, budgeting, continuing education and relationships.

Staircase understands that older children often face unforeseen difficulties when reaching out for help to many standard programs geared towards minors and/or working adults. The services available for the “older teen” (17- 20) are currently limited.   They “fall through the cracks” of many available services and are labeled as too young or too old.

We attempt to fill the gaps by helping to locate adequate and safe housing, proper role modeling, preparation for independent living, adequate supervision and a level of stability.

Staircase Youth Services currently has two programs designed to meet the needs of homeless youth:

Transition to Adulthood Program (TAP)

Outreach Program

Drop In Centers